Surprise Surprise Love Letter Binding

Digitised original ‘love Letters’ World War Veteren
We had the opportunity to work with TV show Surprise Surprise, hosted by Holly Willoughby.

It was certainly a Surprise Surprise for one war veteran when he appeared on a hit ITV show.

Sally Mathie, Tom’s granddaughter, had written to the show Surprise Surprise asking for help organising the love letters he had exchanged with Violet Harley, his wife of 64 years, while working as a bomb disposal expert during the Second World War.

She said: “I thought it would be a great keepsake for himself and the rest of the family if they were all neatly collected together rather than in a trunk where we store them at the moment.

“They wrote about 1,000 letters so I thought it might be easier if we had a little help.”

The Finished Product

The show turned to us for our expertise to present the original ‘love Letters’.

We digitised the love letters and printed them onto archival acid free 100% cotton paper and bound in beautiful leather hide, x2 volumes presented LIVE on Surprise Surprise by host Holly Willoughby. Special guest Alfie Boe was also in attendance on the show.

He said: “Sally is my best friend and I am so happy that she went to so much effort for me.

“The books are lovely and I’m happy I get to continue to share my memories with my lovely granddaughter.”

Our Clients

Our clients are wide ranging.  From restaurants who requirer bespoke menu covers to University Libraries and musicians.  At Spink and Thackray we deal with everything after the print process which means we work closely with printers and designers.