Spink & Thackray is one of the most established and trusted bookbinders in the UK having served our very first customers way back in 1872 when the business opened its doors.  

Since then we have continued to add additional products and services and today we use our highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen to meet a wide range of requirements and needs.

From journal and dissertation binding through to menu covers, party invitations and conservation and digitisation, Spink & Thackray is a one stop shop for all business and individuals.


Library Binding

We have been offering our journal binding services to universities and libraries for more than seventy years now and are considered to be masters of the craft.


Thesis & Dissertations

Completing a thesis or dissertation is an incredibly proud moment for any scholar or student and what better way to mark the occasion than by having your work professionally printed and bound.

Menu Covers

The restaurant industry is highly competitive and it’s not just what is on the menu that counts but the menu cover itself, with menu design now a key part of the dining experience.


Spink & Thackray has a dedicated conservation and restoration department that is staffed by some of our most skilled craftsmen and craftswomen.


Presentation Boxes

​Presentation boxes are a great way of adding a touch of theatre and luxury to any item that you wish to present, whether it be a menu, book, invitation or even the keys to a new car.


Foil Blocking

Foil blocking is both a science and an art, and here at Spink & Thackray our craftsmen and craftswomen have spent decades mastering the technique.

Bespoke Book Binding

Here at Spink & Thackray we understand that a one size fits all approach does not always work for our clients, so we have a dedicated team to take care of unique and bespoke requirements.


Our digitisation services allow you to scan historical and archival documents, pictures, journals and books to create a digital image that can then be safely stored or printed.

Comic Book Binding

Comic books are one of life’s great pleasures, telling incredible stories through stunning graphics and illustrations. But as a collector, comic book storage is always a concern.

School Yearbooks

​Yearbooks are the best way to mark the end of a school year and we are proud to work with schools across the UK to carry out their yearbook printing and binding requirements.


Singer Sewing

Singer sewing is a book binding technique that provides an alternative to wire stitching. It is both decorative and functional, with a high-quality finish preferred by designers.

Bookbinding & Rebinding

Spink & Thackray has been binding and rebinding books, documents, periodicals and journals for more than 120 years and it is the product that we have built our name and reputation on.

We are able to offer such a wide range of products and services thanks to our incredible team of talented and passionate bookbinders, creatives and digitisation experts.

We have built our reputation on our exemplary craftsmanship and the quality of the products and services that we have been providing for more than 100 years now.

While we have expanded our product and service offering beyond bookbinding to include school yearbooks, packaging and foil blocking, our unrivalled heritage and quality remains the same.

This is achieved by combining traditional binding methods with modern practices and by utilising specialised bookbinding equipment alongside cutting-edge scanning and digital technologies.

In addition to our listed services, we also provide bespoke products through our Flamboyant Creations division for one-off projects and unique requirements that need a more personal touch.

We provide our products and services to businesses across a wide range of sectors, but also to

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