Spink & Thackray works with a number of trade clients, providing them with services such as bookbinding, rebinding, printing and box products.

Business to business partners include designers and printers looking to use our exemplary products and services to create items of distinction for their own clients.

For printers, this is often our binding services that sees our highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen bind pages using traditional techniques such as singer sewing.

Bound pages are then covered with a choice of materials that include buckram cloth and leather, with finishing touches such as foil blocking and embossing also available.

All printers need to do is send the pages they want binding and covering and we take care of the rest, producing and distributing their order quickly but without compromising on quality.

We also work with some of the country’s most amazing designers, often creating stunning solander boxes to contain a range of items such as menus, brochures and notebooks.

Boxes can be made to all size requirements, are available in a range of materials and colours, and can be foil blocked and embossed by hand for a superior finish.

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We are always willing to work with new trade partners, so if you would like to take advantage of our bookbinding, rebinding, printing and box production services, please do get in touch.

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