Singer Sewing

Singer sewing is a book binding technique that provides an alternative to wire stitching. It is both decorative and functional, with a high-quality finish preferred by designers.

There are two main types of singer sewing – centre singer sewing and side singer sewing – and stitching can be left overhanging or can be trimmed for a cleaner finish.

Centre singer sewing sees books or journals sewn down the centre and then folded and trimmed to leave a crisp edge all the way around the book.

Side singer sewing sees individual sheets of paper sewn down the binding edge which are then trimmed all the way around to leave a clean edge around the book or journal.


singer sewing

Expert Craftsmanship

Singer sewing can be used across all types of book binding, from thesis and dissertation binding to comic book binding, school yearbooks and journal binding.

In addition to choosing the type of singer sewing you prefer, you can also pick from a range of coloured threads including white, beige and black.

Most of our customers combine our singer sewing service with our book covering service, with a range of cover materials, including buckram and leather, and colours available.






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All singer sewing and covering is carried out by our team of highly skilled craftsmen and craftswomen who have decades of experience in singer sewing and bookbinding.

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